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  1. Ghana – April 2016

    An Executive Workshop on Evaluating Impact Investing April 13-14, 2016, Alisa Hotel, Accra Program Booklet with Agenda and Speaker Biographies Photo of Workshop Participants See…

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    Acknowledgements The course was developed through a three-year collaborative project involving the CLEAR Centre for Anglophone Africa at the University of the Witwatersrand, GreaterCapital, the…

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  5. Overview

    Introduction This is the syllabus for an executive course on evaluating impact investing in Africa. It is designed for professionals in finance and investment, business…

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  7. Module 24 – Global Goals

    Topic Nearly a decade after the launching of the impact investing industry by the Rockefeller Foundation and its partners, the field is growing, but it…

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  8. Module 23 – Evaluation Costs

    Topic There is a cost to evaluating impact investing. Who should pay for it? How is it valued? In development evaluation in Africa, aid agencies…

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  9. Module 22 – Household Impacts

    Topic In many important respects, all development is local. That is, the processes of poverty reduction, or livelihoods creation, that matter most take place at…

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  10. Module 21 – Conflict and Emergencies

    Topic The highest-risk settings for impact investors are those involving civil strife or humanitarian crises. Notwithstanding important peace-making achievements, there are still too many parts…

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