This website is a knowledge centre on strategies and methods for evaluating impact investing. Whether you are an investor, investee, researcher or policymaker, there are links to a rich array of reports and tools here that you can use to develop or improve your social impact measurement system.


We are proud to curate this site. We’ve had the privilege of working in the field of impact investing and in development evaluation for many years in all parts of the world. We believe that all forms of innovative development finance, including impact investing, should be held to account for their claims of social, economic or environmental impact. Further, it is our experience that evaluation, monitoring and other types of performance assessment can play an important role in organizational learning, improvement and innovation, as well as in accountability.


About ET Jackson & Associates

E.T. Jackson and Associates Ltd. is an international management consulting firm providing professional services in strategic planning, organizational learning and performance assessment to grant-makers and investors in the public interest.

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Edward Jackson

Edward T. Jackson is a university professor, management consultant and author. As president of E.T. Jackson and Associates Ltd., he advises foundations, development agencies, governments, NGOs and companies in the areas of social finance, social entrepreneurship, youth employment, governance and gender equality. Currently an Honorary Associate with the Institute of Development Studies, and a former tenured professor of public policy and associate dean at Carleton University, Dr. Jackson co-founded the Carleton-World Bank International Program for Development Evaluation Training and is an internationally recognized expert in program evaluation and monitoring. In 2011-2013, he led the strategic assessment of the Rockefeller Foundation’s Impact Investing Initiative and is currently working with the Foundation and African institutions to design and pilot an executive course on evaluating impact investing. He served on Canada’s National Advisory Board of the G8 Social Impact Investment Task Force, is a member of the editorial advisory board of the Journal of Sustainable Finance and Investment, and has published extensively on the evaluation of impact investing.

Karim Harji

Karim Harji is Director of Research for E. T. Jackson and Associates, and brings a decade of international experience in monitoring and evaluation with investors and grantmakers to capture, analyze, and communicate the social impact of individual investments and institutional portfolios.  He has written, taught and spoken widely on social impact measurement, and served on the Impact Measurement Working Group of the G8 Social Impact Investment Task Force.  He acts as an Advisor on innovative finance and market-based approaches to the Rockefeller Foundation’s Evaluation Office, and previously advised the MasterCard Foundation on youth employment and entrepreneurship strategies in sub-Saharan Africa.  He previously served as lead consultant on the strategic assessment of the Rockefeller Foundation’s Impact Investing Initiative, and lead author of the widely disseminated global scan of the industry, Accelerating Impact: Achievements, Challenges and What’s Next in Building the Impact Investing Industry. In addition, Mr. Harji is Director and co-founder of Purpose Capital, an advisory firm to investors, foundations, financial institutions and governments on the design, implementation and monitoring of impact investing strategies.